Divici Roofing & Construction
Divici Roofing & Construction

Our Promise

We Guarantee Our Roofs for Life 

In addition to your standard manufacturer warranty, we at Divici guarantee our workmanship in the application of your new roof will be leak-free.

The only thing that will make your roof leak after we replace it is a hurricane or another act of God.

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Divici Roofing & Construction
Divici Roofing & Construction

The Truth about the Storm
Damage Restoration Process

About 80% of the residential roofing work we do in Florida involves the storm damage restoration process. Many homeowners are unaware of the process. Divici Roofing is not a lawyer nor a public adjuster, but here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to filing a claim in regards to storm damage to your home:

• If your roof is older than 10 years it is not a matter of if you have storm damage, it is a matter of how extensive that damage is. 10 years is at least 2 hurricanes, dozens of high-velocity wind events, and possibly a hail storm

• Florida is a "matching state" and roofs have to pass a "brittleness test"

• If you have a leak or if you believe your home may have sustained damage from a storm, you should get it inspected immediately and keep copies of all photos and receipts for emergency services

Download your Homeowner Claim Bill of Rights